Halogen Free cables

Complete range of halogen-free, unipolar and multipolar, shielded and unshielded, round or flat cables, suitable for all control requirements, machine control, instrument control and hybrid solutions all in one single cable.

Halogen Free Cables: Safety first and foremost

Since 1990, TI.CA. SPECIAL CABLES has been recognised for its level of excellence in the manufacturing of special and innovative cables. From our headquarters in Tirano (SO), we have served thousands of Italian and foreign enterprises, delivering products that meet the highest quality standards.

Experience, quality and commitment to the customer are the core elements of our company, supported by state-of-the-art technologies and a scrupulous selection of raw materials.

The consistent search for premium quality raw materials and the use of state-of-the-art technologies enable us to deliver a vast range of electrical cables, including halogen-free cables, designed to guarantee maximum safety and reliability.

Cavi Halogen free

Our dedication to achieving customer satisfaction is reflected in our pre- and post-sales services, with designated staff ready to assist you in selecting the products that best meet your requirements.
Our manufacturing flexibility also allows us to deliver customised cables, tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

We specialise in the manufacturing of a vast range of cables including cables for the music industry, computer and data transmission cables, control cables with numbered cores for robotics and chains, wi-fi and home theatre cables, and much more. Our range also includes TV cables, radio cables and customised cables.

Our cables are available with insulation in a variety of different materials, such as PVC, XLPE, polypropylene, polythene and expanded polythene, with sheaths in PVC, PUR, polythene, Halogen-free and other special materials. We also ensure that our cables comply with the highest safety standards, including those which have obtained UL and CSA certification.

Choosing TI.CA. SPECIAL CABLES as your manufacturer of Halogen-free cables means you choose quality, reliability and innovation.

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