Control cables

Complete range for fixed or mobile installation of multipolar cables, with or without UL and CSA certification, shielded and unshielded, round or flat, suitable for all control requirements, machine control, instrument control and hybrid solutions all in one single cable.

Manufacturer of standard or customised Control Cables

Since 1985 we have focused on the manufacturing of premium quality cables that meet the demands of thousands of enterprises in Italy and abroad.
Our headquarters are in Tirano (SO) and we have built our reputation based on the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.
The cables we manufacture comply with superior quality standards thanks to our persevering search for excellent raw materials and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.
Our team is always available to provide pre- and post-sales support, helping you choose the best product depending on your specific needs.
Our extreme flexibility in the manufacturing of standard control cables means we are able to customise cables according to customer specifications.

As a control cable manufacturer, every product we deliver is designed and custom-built to meet the needs of the customer, the market and the specific application.
This means you can count on control cables that fully meet your specific requirements, without ever compromising on quality or performance.

Our comprehensive range of multipolar cables are available for fixed or mobile installations and can be UL and CSA approved, shielded or unshielded, round or flat.
We can deliver cables that meet all your control, machine control, instrumentation and hybrid solution requirements, all in one cost-effective and efficient cable.

Furthermore, most of our cables are UL and CSA approved, confirming their conformity with the strictest safety and quality standards.

Our dedication to quality and innovation has turned us into a benchmark enterprise in the industry, and we continue to work hard to maintain this reputation.

We manufacture cables for industrial, automotive, marine or customised applications.
We are at your complete disposal to provide advice and technical support, helping you to find the best possible solution for your specific requirements.

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