Special electric cables
since 1976

TI.CA. SPECIAL CABLES has its head office in Tirano (SO) and has been manufacturing special electrical cables since 1990 for thousands of Italian and foreign enterprises.

The selecting of excellent raw materials and the research on cutting-edge technologies and equipment make TI.CA cables products that fully comply with the highest possible quality standards.

Our staff are available to provide pre- and post-sales customer care services, accompanying buyers throughout the product selection phases and allowing them to choose the product that best meets their demands. Business flexibility is what allows to manufacture special customised cables.

It specialises in the manufacturing of TV, radio and coaxial cables, computer and data transmission cables, cables with numbered cores for robotics and chains, cables for the music industry (microphones, speakers, audio and video), Wi-Fi and home theatre cables, red-black and special plates, composite cables and ROV cables for the marine industry and custom made cables to demand.

our products

We specialise in the manufacturing of:

  • music industry cables (microphones, speakers, audio and video);
  • customised cables;
  • data transmission and computer cables;
  • numerical control cables for robotics and chains;
  • wi-fi and home theatre system cables;
  • red-black and special twin leads;
  • composite cables and ROV cables for the marine sector;
  • TV, radio and coaxial cables.

The broad product range includes cables made of PVC, XLPE, polypropylene, polythene and expanded polythene and sheaths in PVC, PUR, polythene, halogen-free, high temperature and oil resistant, low smoke and no toxic gas emission, no corrosive gases, fire-retardant (IEC60332-3) and fire-resistant (IEC60331).

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